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" Very timely with communication and file delivery. A pleasure to work with."  

- Paul Michaud, PatraCompany 


"You are the man! Sounds great, thank you!"

Michael Pecoraro, B Tax


"Flawless, expert service. Very well done. I am thrilled! Thank you Eric. I will be back again!"

- Robert Bitto, Mexico Unexplained


"After working with some other high rated 'professionals', Eric, is the only one that gave me what I've wanted. No delays, No wasted money. No cancellations. No lousy results. And not mention the wasted time. Eric has the talent and experience that will deliver professional results!"

- eVote


"I love Eric's work. He is fast and his work didn't need to be modified. I am very satisfied! It took him less than 2 hours to complete my job."

- GD Harris, Learning First Educational Services


" It was truly a charm to work with you! Your voice is warm, strong and confident with a nice friendly touch! A perfect fit, as my expectation, with the product. We feel it natural and professional. The delivery was in time, and even before my expectation. You were always kind and focused on the product. The quality was nice! I don't know if you did some post on it.. But it sound present, close and in a nice level..."

- MariEve, Plasma Media


"You have a very nice natural sound, which is great. Too many people in radio try to force their voice to 'sell' the product. You sound really good and controlled. I'd say you're on the right track!"

- Steve Zirnkilton


"Really, really excellent work! I would recommend you to anyone."

-Randall Spencer.



"Well done! Very cooperative, very quick turnaround and willing to take any feedback, make revisions and get the job done. Much appreciated!"

-Andromeda, Music Supervisor Guide.


"Awesome to work with, and delivers files extremely quick...blew it out of the water again, awesome job as always!" -Blair Frayer.


"Thank you for being able to meet the character description and the audio standards the client set out. You have become the voice of this brand, Jack and Jones is very happy! I look forward to future projects together!" -Melissa Kelman, Jack & Jones.


​"Eric Rovito is one of the hardest working people I know. Professional and dependable. Always positive with a smile on his face and a perfectionist at heart." -Jolien Cormier.


"Eric's work for me has shown nothing but professionalism and I look forward to working with him every time." -Vinnie Cormier.


"I have had the pleasure of working with Eric Rovito in several projects over the years. Eric is a consummate professional. He is dependable as well as extremely talented. This can be a rare combination to find. If asked, Eric is always the first person that I recommend for any project." -Brett Leavitt.


"I worked with Eric for three years on a project. He could fix any component that developed a bug. He never got rattled and always had great ideas. Bottom line is, Eric Rovito is professional and consistent at anything he puts his energies into. I would work with him ANYTIME!" -Alan Orcutt.


"I've worked with Eric for thirty years. He's a very easy person to work with and is willing to help out whenever he can. I would recommend Eric for any job." -Luke Smith.
















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