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Call me old fashioned but I still believe in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay!


Some say my rates are far too low for a professional voice actor and cheapens the industry. Others don't understand why I charges so much for just talking. These rates work for me and hopefully work for you as well.
Eric Rovito
Voice over rates,
15 Seconds (45 Words) $65
30 Seconds (90 words) $85
60 Seconds (180 Words) $105
90 Seconds (270 Words) $145.0
120 Seconds (360 Words) $180.00
Narration Rates
(450­-750 Words) $300.00
(750­-1500 Words) $500.00
Revisions due to a mistake on my part are free.
Script revisions are subject to an additional fee.
I do quality work at a fair price.
My overhead is low and I love what I do.
Thank you for considering me for your next project.
Have a wonderful day!


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